Kerrey Endorses Greg Gonzalez

Senator Bob Kerrey Endorses Deputy Police Chief Greg Gonzalez for Douglas County Sheriff

Omaha, NE – Bob Kerrey announced today that he is endorsing Deputy Chief Greg Gonzalez for Douglas County Sheriff.

Kerrey served as the 35th Governor of Nebraska from 1983-1987 and as a United States Senator from Nebraska from 1989-2001. Kerrey highlighted that Deputy Chief Greg Gonzalez believes that public safety and justice are not mutually exclusive.

"Everyone who has watched Greg Gonzalez on the job knows that he is a law and order Democrat. He believes that public safety and justice are not mutually exclusive.

Gonzalez's goals as Sheriff are to reduce crime, improve recruitment and retention of highly trained

deputies, and to deliver quality services that protect families and make our county proud. Gonzalez plans to

step up community engagement and involvement from neighborhood and stakeholder groups as he seeks

to improve efficiencies.

An Omaha native, Gonzalez launched his career at the Sheriff’s Office, where he worked uniformed

patrol and on a federal narcotics task force. He transferred to the Omaha Police Department in 1995 and

has worked in high profile units, including undercover narcotics, homicide and gang units. He rose through

the ranks and is the longest-tenured deputy chief at OPD.

As deputy chief, Gonzalez has secured millions of dollars in private funding and grant money to

implement safety measures for officers and Omahans. He sees similar opportunities to enhance the

Sheriff’s Office and the county.