Greg Gonzalez


Recently retired Deputy Police Chief Greg Gonzalez has dedicated his life to keeping people safe and serving others. Greg was born in Omaha in 1971 to Manuel and Annie Gonzalez. He was one of six kids born into a big family of aunts, uncles, and cousins. After serving our country in the United States Air Force, Greg’s father became a plumber in Omaha. Annie Gonzalez was a housewife, then later a secretary at First Data Resources. Greg’s grandmother was a single mother, raising her children by working at Armour Packing Plant in South Omaha for over 25 years, where she also served as a union steward.


Greg graduated from Omaha South High School in 1989 and was inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame in 2019. Greg’s church affiliations include 30 years at Saint Mary Magdalene and 20 years at St. Columbkille.


Greg and his wife Kathy have three children, Izabela, Gregory, and Alex. Kathy is a 27-year member of the Omaha Police Department, currently serving as Captain of the Southeast Police Precinct.


Greg Gonzalez is an Omaha native whose 28-year professional law enforcement career has led him to the deputy chief position of the 900+ sworn officer Omaha Police Department. Greg is the most tenured deputy police chief, with 9-years executive level experience. He serves on numerous policing and community governing boards.


Greg launched his law enforcement career in 1993 with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department, where he worked uniformed patrol and on a federal narcotics task force. He transferred to the Omaha Police Department in 1995 and has worked in two of the police department’s most high profile units, the gang unit and undercover narcotics unit. 


Among Greg’s previous leadership roles: commander of the Traffic Unit, commander of the Criminal Investigations Bureau’s Investigations Unit. As deputy police chief, Greg was responsible for the Uniformed Patrol Bureau, in charge of over 450 police officers. He is now assigned to the Executive Services Bureau, where he oversees the Training Unit and Crime Prevention Unit and School Resource Program. Greg was instrumental in equipping OPD with Body Worn Cameras in 2018. Greg oversees the department’s Research and Planning Unit, responsible for maintaining its CALEA certification. He has overseen the hiring of over 400 new police recruits and is the OPD Legislative Liaison.


In addition to attaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in criminal justice and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Greg is an adjunct police academy instructor and has taught over 300 Omaha police recruits Command Spanish. Greg is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and the Major City Chiefs of Police Executive Leadership Institute (PELI). Greg is also an adjunct instructor at his alma mater, the University of Nebraska at Omaha where he teaches criminal justice courses. Greg was recognized by his alma mater as a distinguished alumnus. Greg was also named to the Omaha South High School Hall of Fame for his community engagement accomplishments.


Active in the Omaha community where he was raised, Greg serves on many governing boards, including Mentor Nebraska and the Police Athletics for Community Engagement (P.A.C.E.). Greg served as an Executive Board Member of the National Latino Peace Officers Association (NLPOA). P.A.C.E. sponsors the free youth soccer and baseball program that serves over 5,000 youth in the summer months, a time when at-risk youth are most vulnerable. Greg is a strong supporter of community policing. He is a lifelong union member and is in the FOP, Latino Peace Officers Association, Black Police Officer's Association (BPOA), and National Association of Women Police (NAWP).


For his work, Greg has received awards including: the high intensity drug trafficking case of the year award; police sergeant and captain of the month; He was selected as Omaha’s Latino of the year in 2012 for his participation in the department’s police athletic league. Greg was recently awarded for his community service “above and beyond the call of duty” for his work with area youth. In 2018 Greg received the “Living the Dream” Martin Luther King Jr. award for his service to the Omaha

Greg though the years